2017/2018 Preliminary Planning

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2016/2017 Meeting Minutes

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2016/2017 Financial Statements

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2016/2017 Fundraising Report

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2015/2016 Meeting Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes: June 16, 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes: March 10, 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes: February 17, 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes: January 21, 2016

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PAC Extraordinary Meeting Minutes & Resolutions: October 27, 2015

PAC Meeting Minutes: Thursday, September 17, 2015

  • The PAC meeting was opened by PAC Chair Grace Catao at 9:20am.
  • Attending Parents: Eugene Lin, Carolyn Shang, Evana Mok, Cathy Cui, Sophie Zhang, Jean Jing, Ellen Wong, Jetty Kurniawan, Janice Chen, Irene Lee, Koala Gao, Cheryl Hondronikolis, Catherine Qiao, Jing Liao, Qihua Liu, Christina Wang
  • Staff in attendance: Claudio Bortolussi (Principal) and Helena Readman (Vice Principal)
  • Absent with Apologies: Chang Han (Vice-Chair), Howard Quon (Treasurer) and Victoria Su (Secretary).
  • Minutes: Ellen.

Chair’s Welcoming Speech — Grace Catao

  • Everyone was warmly welcomed. PAC Executive members were briefly introduced in absentia. The meaning of a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and its roles (community events, fundraising and advocacy) were explained in details.
  • 3 pillars are the focus for this year’s PAC to invigorate more enthusiastic volunteerism:
  1. Planning — forward thinking, not backward.
  2. Communication — parents to be informed. Involvement can be planned ahead of time.
  3. Return On Investment (ROI) — Time investment. Efficiency, maximum funds raised and enjoyment as a community by using volunteers’ time and effort effectively
  • A Planning Committee was formed to decide activities for the year, their timing and execution. Members: Cheryl, Koala, Catherine, Jean, Carolyn and Sophie.
  • Deadline for sub-committee’s plan: October 15 2015 (Thursday)
  • Presentation of plan to PAC: October 21 (Wednesday) 6pm.
  • Parent Volunteer Co-ordinator: Evana Mok. Grace to provide her with last year’s name list – to request from last year’s PAC Chair, Ranjit Bharaj
  • School Lunch Programme to be headed by Ellen with many keen parents. Tentative menu and dates for the year were passed to Claudio who suggested payment via .
  • Potential DPAC representatives: Cheryl and Jetty. Meeting — the last Monday of every month.
  • Art Gallery: a new volunteer is required to lead this year’s group of parent volunteers to frame students’ artwork every month in the school’s “gallery”

Principal’s Report — Claudio Bortolussi

  • Terry Fox Run — October 2 (Friday)
  • Family Literacy Night — October 15 (Thursday)
  • Parent-Teacher Conference — Wednesday and Thursday
  • September 29 (Tuesday) — Class review. Teachers meet to determine class support.
  • School population: 498 — 32 left, 26 entered. 25{ab07e7fb91b38c5150aacd82f4b94f7cb8c9bbc61c72d41394d3d1399aedfe7b} change is consistent every year.
  • Date for Kindergarten dental screening yet to be announced.
  • Cross country started on Tuesday, September 15 by Mrs Slack. First meet next Monday, September 21 & 3 more consecutive Mondays after. Ends with a race on Tuesday, October 13.
  • Socio-emotional learning talk planned for April, 2016. It is about helping parents to be connected with the school and their children. Goal: To help students in their learning.
  • $1,000 aboriginal art request for library – Grace to invite librarian Ms. Huva to do a presentation at PAC meeting on Nov 19.

Vice-Principal’s Report — Helen Readman

  • Meeting for new immigrants by Settlement Worker Caren Yu on October 6
  • First Professional Day — September 25

Note: Subsequent to the meeting it was learned that the PAC budget was presented in error by Jetty. The budget will be re-presented by Howard Quon at a future meeting.

Meeting was adjoined at 10:25 a.m.

Motion to pass minutes:  Grace Catao.  Seconded by Jetty Kurniawan