About CB PAC

Every Chaffey Burke Elementary School student has a parent or guardian or two!  Each parent or guardian is entitled to belong to our school Parent Advisory Council, or PAC.

Every school in BC must have a Parent Advisory Council, as defined  by the BC School Act.  At Chaffey Burke, we can create and maintain our own PAC Constitution and define our purpose, objectives and rules.

Our CB PAC also holds regularly scheduled meetings, as well as initiating, discussing and offering various types of programs for students, parents and for our school teachers and staff.  Volunteers at school events, fundraising events, and other activities are an essential part of making everything work well.   This is how we each individually and personally contribute to the education that forms our children’s foundation for growth and learning for the rest of their lives.

We need volunteers to help with various events, campaigns, and student or school related activities throughout the entire year.  Please help us and join the fun!  Go to our volunteer page, print and fill out a form, and submit it to the school office.  We would love to have you!