Working with Money

We do a lot for our kids at Chaffey Burke Elementary School. Many of the benefits that the PAC – all the parents and guardians of our students as a collective group – provide require both time and money. Getting volunteers is important, as is ensuring that money is both raised and handled properly.

Whenever we are dealing with money within the context of a Chaffey Burke event, we are working for the benefit of our children and the school. We are entrusted with the proper handling and use of money, and this requires ‘financial controls.’ Although sometimes the actual dollar amounts may not be much, the idea that we are working with dollars and cents that belong to the children at our school require that we apply a strict money ‘sense.’

Please take a minute to review the short and simple 1-page reference for financial controls provided by the Burnaby School District as a guide for each and every parent, guardian, school administrator and teacher working with money within the context of Chaffey Burke Elementary School.

Burnaby School District 1-page Financial Controls Requirements

We’ve also come up with our own procedure for collecting money and storing it at school after it is counted.  Please refer to and use this form for any event requiring collecting money – you can download a pdf by clicking here: CB – Cash Collection Procedure